Speaking of aluminum, almost no one knows, no one knows, in life, aluminum can be seen everywhere, small to the pot bowl, big arrival, housing, even in the aerospace air, use very Wide, today Jin Alumin is not the use of aluminum, but external processing of aluminum products.

Aluminum products are made of aluminum metal, aluminum is the rare element of the earth, because of its characteristics, ductility, flexibility, and conductivity performance, aluminum metal and Different metal combinations have formed different series of aluminum rods. Today, we mainly talk about industrial aluminum. The main use of industrial aluminum is Custom Aluminium Fabrication the raw materials of the aluminum profile frame. This aluminum profile is required to pass the hot melt pressure with the aluminum rod. After the surface treatment, if necessary, the accessory can be used to connect, if there is a desired appearance, the built-in connection can be used, which requires further processing of the profile used, and then tightens Silk, such a profile is built into a frame that does not have a trace of the part connection. The external processing of aluminum products mentioned today is to process the appearance. The surface treatment of industrial aluminum profiles has anodized, anodized electrophoretic paint, and powder spray. , Wood grain transfer and polishing these kinds.

The external processing of the aluminum profile is a method for processing the surface. Each manufacturer has many kinds of processing of the surface of the profile, which can be based on your own needs. Seeking manufacturers suitable for yourself!

What is the processing of aluminum products?